Jean-Gabriel was the recipient of a James S. McDonnell Foundation Fellowship grant of $200,000 which he chose to bring to the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.  The McDonnell Foundation awards 10 “Understanding Dynamic and Multi-scale Systems” grants around the world, for PhD/PostDoc students.

Jean-Gabriel is a true student of Complex Systems (translated from his grant announcement at Laval); “Jean-Gabriel Young, like other physicists who are interested in complex systems, uses the form of networks of interactions between elements, whether they are the relationships between flower species and their pollinators; between genes and human diseases or between victims, suspects and witnesses of crimes committed in a big city - to decode the world.” (article) Young already has 13 published articles to his credit and a lengthy list of developed software code.

The winning grant title was “The structure of complex, adaptive, and non-linear systems:  beyond pairwise interactions”. Young stated in his proposal “During my postdoctoral fellowship, I would like to investigate the changes brought about by adopting high-order representations for the structure of complex systems.”

Jean Gabriel has a research background in statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics, and network science.  

Welcome to the group Jean-Gabriel!