Have you heard about data science in the springtime? Everything you need to know:

This course will provide an introduction to the programming language Python as a tool for loading, manipulating, and exploring social science datasets. We will begin with basic Python syntax and progress to more complicated tasks such as parsing, cleaning, imputing, and visualizing data, and we will pay particular attention to the skills needed and challenges faced when working with social science data. The bulk of the work in this course will be reading and coding a set of five lab assignments and a final project. Prior experience with Python is not required. 

Course Aims: 

• Develop familiarity with basic Python syntax, including lists, dictionaries, loops, and function definitions 

• Perform basic data exploration tasks using the standard Python modules Pandas and Seaborn• Distinguish common file formats for storing data, and merge related datasets

• Incorporate course content into an independent final project 

• Hopefully have some fun too :) 

Meets distribution Requirement: MSA