The lectureship was announced at the July 21 Board of Regents meeting. Newman will deliver his lecture in the winter term of 2023.

The Henry Russel Lectureship is the university’s highest honor for senior members of its active faculty. It is awarded annually to a faculty member with exceptional achievements in research, scholarship or creative endeavors, as well as an outstanding record of distinguished teaching, mentoring and service to U-M and the wider community. Read the article in The University Record HERE.

Also, while some of us were up north getting bitten by black flies, Mark also had a new 'comment' published in Nature Physics "20 years of network community detection".

In the words of co-author Santo Fortunato: "The 20th anniversary of the Girvan-Newman paper is a good time to check how network community detection is doing. Take a look at our overview of the field, just out in Nature Physics! Delightful (first) collaboration with network science giant Mark Newman."


Fig. 1: Community structure of a social Network. Nodes are Facebook users and edges represent Facebook friendships. Communities, represented by different colours, were found using the InfoMap algorithm. Fortunato, S., Newman, M.E.J. 20 years of network community detection. Nat. Phys. 18, 848–850 (2022). Published July 29, 2022