You may have heard a familiar voice last week if you were listening to NPR.  Complex Systems, School of Public Health and Math Professor Marisa Eisenberg was interviewed to comment on the effect of Michigans 'Pause to save lives' social distancing mandates which have been in place since November 15. Some restrictions, such as 'no indoor dining' were loosened as of February 1.

The School of Public Health researchers have studied the results and have preliminary findings.

From the NPR article of the interview:

The study compared Michigan to six other Midwestern states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Eisenberg said Michigan had the lowest case count at 3,827 COVID cases per 100,000 people between November 1 and January 15, while Indiana had the highest at 5,998. She said Indiana also had the weakest COVID government response measures among the seven Midwestern states studied.

"It does suggest that Michigan calibrated its response pretty well in terms of having enough government response and Michiganders doing their part to practice social distancing and masking and all of those kinds of things to keep cases low," said Eisenberg.

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