-- from the MIDAS PODS grant page.

Professor Jacobs and collaborator Neil Carter submitted a grant proposal for the inaugural set of PODS grants, and just learned that they were selected to be one of the first cohort of recipients.  Congratualtions to them both! 


Neil Carter is an Assistant Professor in the School of Enivronment and Sustainability where he is also the PI of the Conservation & Coexistence Group .  As it happens, Professor Carter will be giving our next Complex Systems Seminar coming up on Thursday, December 5, where he will be speaking on similar themes to the proposed grant work "Complex adaptive systems and human-wildlife coexistence".

Their winning grant proposal is entitled "Probabilistic Methods to Infer Structure and Dynamics of Illicit Wildlife Trade Networks".  They plan to combine existing sources of data with probabilistic modeling to infer the pattern of wildlife exploitation supply chains and flows in the illicit wildlife trade of pangolins and freshwater turtles. The pair plan to explore social, political and environmental drivers of change in illicit wildlife trade networks.