The Biological Station received Giving Blueday gifts from more friends and alumni this year than ever before. At least 50 donors contributed more than $11,000 to Biological Station scholarship funds over the 24-hour event on November 28, 2017.

 “We always say the UMBS course experience is priceless,” said Director Knute Nadelhoffer. “But we also know what a sacrifice it is for many students to come here. They have to pay tuition and living expenses, and they aren’t able to work at that time. Scholarships make the difference for many students between being able to come to the Biological Station or not.” For these reasons, the UMBS Giving Blueday scholarship campaign is especially important.

Because gifts made by phone take a few weeks to be coded, the station’s total number of Giving Blueday donors and contributions won’t be available until 2018. Both numbers are certain to increase. Moreover, the UMBS on-line gifts came to within a few hundred dollars of last year’s. In a year where the University’s Giving Blueday total dropped from $5.5 million in 2016, to $4.4 million, UMBS is pleased that its donors maintained giving levels.

Check back in 2018 for the station’s overall 2017 development and Giving Blueday reports.