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Gallery Updates

Head of Bacchus (Dionysos). Marble. Roman Period (mid-2nd century AD). Joint purchase of UM Museum of Art and Kelsey Museum Cummer Fund, 1974. KM 1974.4.1.

Temporarily Removed from Display 

The marble head of Bacchus (Dionysos) has been removed for research for our upcoming exhibition, Ancient Color.  It will remain off view until the end of June 2018.

Bacchus (Greek Dionysos) is the Roman god of wine and winemaking, fertility, and vegetation, particularly fruits. His cult, which promised a happier life in the hereafter, was one of the most widely followed in the Roman world. This head once belonged to an over-life-size statue of the god with his right forearm resting on top of his head. Depicted in an inebriated state, he probably leaned on a satyr for support.