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2. Digital Media, Technology, and Society

Below are examples of courses that are taught on the theme  Digital Media, Technology, and Society. You can find our courses in the LSA course catalog.


COMM 159: Digital Media and the City (First Year Seminar)

COMM 159: A.I. and Communication (First-Year Seminar)

COMM  271: Communication Revolutions

COMM  304: Social and Mobile Media Workshop: Urban Space and Urban Life (mini-course)

COMM 305: Critical Data Visualization

COMM 305: How Do Algorithms See?

COMM 306: Digitizing the Carceral State

COMM 307: Gendered & Racialized Bodies and Technologies

COMM 346: Media Matter: From Print to Screen Culture

COMM 355: Critical Internet (ULWR/Communication in Action)

COMM 362: Digital Media Foundations (ULWR/Communication in Action)

COMM 365: Visual Culture and Visual Literacy (ULWR/Communication in Action)

COMM 370: Social Networks (ULWR/Communication in Action)

COMM 405: Media, Culture, and Communication in Contemporary China

COMM 408: AI in Human Communication

COMM 423: Computer Mediated Communication

COMM 464: Social Consequences of Mobile Communication (Capstone)

COMM 461: Visuality and New Media (Capstone)

COMM 490: Qualitative Approaches To Understanding Social Media (Capstone)



Particularly complementary

Globally focused courses

COMM 306: Global Media Industries

COMM 405: Introduction to Global Media

COMM 466: Global Digital Politics (Capstone)

COMM 490: Social Media and News (Capstone)