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Transfer Credit

Communication Studies declared majors have the opportunity to earn up to 10 (ten) upper-level credits of faculty approved coursework completed at another institution, either inside or outside the U.S., to count toward the Communication Studies major requirements.

Approval for credit toward the Communication Studies major requirements from another institution includes four specific steps. Transfer credit must be:

  1. Pre-approved by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Specific instructions can be found on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions webpage
  2. Pre-approved by a Communication Studies faculty member. Students must make an advising appointment to do this. Bring a course description, course syllabus (if available) and information about the transfer institution to the meeting
  3. Posted to the official U-M transcript. After completing the course(s), have the transfer institution submit a final transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Michigan, 1220 Student Activities Building, 515 East Jefferson, Ann Arbor, MI 48019-1316
  4. Final approved by a Communication Studies faculty member based on the written work (exams, papers, syllabus, etc.) completed in the course


  • Transfer credit is not allowed for any Communication Studies prerequisite courses
  • Transfer credits must be related to the University of Michigan Communication Studies curriculum
  • Transfer courses must be pre-approved and final approved by a Communication Studies faculty advisor
  • Review of written coursework is required for final approval
  • Every student wishing to count transfer (or study abroad) credit toward the Communication Studies major must go through the department approval process. Courses listed on the LSA Transfer Equivalencies web page, those approved by Office of Undergraduate Admissions, or those approved for other students (your friends) do not guarantee that they will count toward the Communication Studies major. Each student must see a department advisor for pre- and final-approval
  • The maximum number of transfer or study abroad credits that may be counted toward the Communication Studies major for any student is 10 (ten) upper-level credits

For additional information, please review the Approval Process for Transfer and Study Abroad Credits.