Why did you choose to major in Communication Studies?

My father, Jon Hein, inspired me to major in Communication and Media. He double-majored in Communication and Media and History when he was a student at Michigan (class of 1989), and he had the honor of giving the commencement speech at the Communication and Media Graduation in 2015. As he delivered his speech, I began to realize that I want to continue the legacy he began as a victor, but to do so with my own uniqueness. While his skills learned from Communication and Media led him to hosting and production, mine are more catered to public relations and social media.

What has been your favorite Comm Studies class so far?

My favorite class so far has been COMM 271 (Communications Revolutions), because the material is interesting as well as relevant. Professor Moshin is great! I declared very recently, so I am looking forward to exploring all of the upper level courses in my junior and senior years.

What do you hope to do with your degree in the future?

I am looking to cater my degree towards public relations for anywhere in the entertainment world, but ideally for a theatre company. I hope to give back to the entertainment industry for inspiring me to dream big and work hard. I also hope to carry on the legacy of older Michigan Alumni looking out for younger wolverines in the workplace.