This article was originally published in the Screen Arts and Cultures weekly newsletter on January 17, 2017.

While on sabbatical this winter, Professor Amanda Lotz will be doing a tour of talks in Europe. Among her many engagements, she will be speaking at King's College, London on January 18, 2017, at the Digital Distribution and Entertainment Media conference ("Is Netflix Television? Theorizing Portals as Internet-Distributed Television"); Lotz will also be giving a talk entitled, "Why U.S. Television Series Became 'Distinct': Exploring Contexts of Creative Change" at the CAMRI Research Seminar-University of Westminster, London, on January 19, 2017.

Lotz's new book, Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television, will be released this month. "The book takes readers deep into the business of streaming and its underlying technological, industrial, and cultural foundations," claims Ramon Lobato of RMIT University, Melbourne. "[It is an] essential [read] for anyone who wants to understand the way TV and digital media are co-evolving."


In 2017, Professor Lotz will also continue to host (with Alex Intner) the podcast Media Business Matters.  Her most recent podcast "The Media Business Year in Review, So Long 2016" looks back over the past year and highlights a few stories to watch in 2017. 

Finally, Lotz was recently named a fellow in the inaugural class of fellows at the Peabody Media Center, a scholarly research center and digital media production arm of the prestigious Peabody Awards. For more on Amanda Lotz's accomplishments and to view a complete schedule of upcoming talks, please click here