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Recent Course Offerings


Fall 2020

LAT 545: Tacitus (David Potter)

LAT 506: Advanced Latin Composition (Ian Fielding)

LAT 571: Survey of Republican Latin Literature (Ruth Caston)

GK 542: Imperial Prose: Second Sophistic Prose (Aileen Das)

GK 572: Survey of Classical Greek Literature (Jonathan Ready)

GK 698: Ancient Epistemology: Making Ancient Knowledge (Rafe Neis)

GK 825: Plato’s Timaeus (Sara Ahbel-Rappe)

GK 870: Parrhesia, or Courage of Truth (David Halperin)

CLARCH 842: Archaeology of Athens (Christopher Ratté)


Winter 2020

LAT 508: Latin sight reading (Celia Schultz)

LAT 574: Survey of Antontine and Later Latin literature (David Potter)

LAT 809: The Latin Novel: Apuleius (Basil Dufallo)

GK 506: Advanced Greek prose composition (Sara Ahbel-Rappe)

GK 523: Thucydides (Francesca Schironi)

CLARCH 536: Hellenistic and Roman Sculpture (Elaine Gazda)

CLARCH 810: Prehistoric Craft Production (Natalie Abell)

CLARCH 855: Problems in Roman Archaeology: Non-Roman Elites in Mid-Republican Italy (Nicola Terrenato)


Fall 2019

LAT 524: Ovid (Celia Schultz)

LAT 606: Latin Inscriptions (Gil Renberg)

LAT 849: Constantine and his Age (David Potter)

GK 556: Greek philosophical literature (Sara Ahbel-Rappe)

GK 571: Survey of Archaic and Early Greek Literature (Richard Janko)

GK 608: Greek epigraphy (Gil Renberg)

CLARCH 515: Archaeology of the Roman Economy (Linda Gosner)

CLARCH 831: Theoretical Approaches in Classical Art and Archaeology (Lisa Nevett)