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Recent Course Offerings


Winter 2017:

Classical Archaeology 821: Bronze Age Economy & Trade (Natalie Abell)

Classical Archaeology 855: Problems in Roman Archaeology (Nic Terrenato)

Greek 592: History of Greek Literature II (Ruth Scodel)

Greek 638: Paleography of Papyri (Arthur Verhoogt)

Greek 830: Topics in Post-Aristotelian Philosophy – The Platonic Commentary Tradition (Sara Ahbel-Rappe)

Latin 576: Readings in Roman Society – city & Country in Roman Literature (Ruth Caston)

Latin 606: Latin Inscriptions (David Potter)


Fall 2016:

Classical Archaeology 823: Archaeology of the Black Sea (Chris Ratte)

Classical Archaeology 844: Theoretical Issues – Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity (Lisa Nevett)

Greek 591: History of Greek Literature I (Richard Janko)

Greek 804: Greek Historiography (Sara Forsdyke)

Latin 529: Livy (David Potter)

Latin 870: Topics in Roman Lit – Roman Love elegy (Ruth Caston)


Winter 2016:

Classical Archeology 536: Hellenistic & Roman Sculpture (Elaine Gazda)

Classical Archeology 841: Topography of Rome (Nic Terrenato)

Greek 602: Classics as a Profession (Ruth Scodel)

Greek 669: Ancient Literary Criticism (Richard Janko)

Latin 592: History of Roman Literature II (Basil Dufallo)

Latin 834: Tacitus (David Potter)

Latin 860: Ancient Religion (Celia Schultz)


Fall 2015:

Classical Archaeology 831: Theoretical Approaches in Classical Archeology (Lisa Nevett & Natalie Abell)

Classical Linguistics 635: Comparative Grammar (Benjamin Fortson)

Greek 801: Epic – Hesiod (Ruth Scodel)

Latin 591: History of Roman Literature I (Celia Schultz)

Latin 870: Lucretius and Catullus (Basil Dufallo)