Jason De León, assistant professor of anthropology, was awarded the 2017 Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award for his commitment to student success and research.

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Executive Committee selected De León based on the impact he has had on the Department of Anthropology and for his strong student evaluations. His dedication to teaching and providing undergraduates with resources enriches students’ higher education experience. By bringing students into lab and fieldwork as partners, students
gain first-hand experience in their field.

While in the classroom, De León challenges students at every level; whether they are in ANTHRCUL 101 or an experienced student working in the lab. His dedication to teaching and research efforts in his early years as a faculty member allowed him to stand out from other
qualified candidates for this award. De León is an invaluable mentor, scholar, and teacher for both the Department of Anthropology and the College ofLiterature, Science, and the Arts