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Honors forms are available for Late Drop/Adds, HAB Petitions, Sophomore Honors Awards and more. While we accept some LSA Newnan forms, if you are a student in the program, we prefer their use. All forms require Adobe® Reader to view. Completed forms may be dropped off at the Honors office. In some cases, we can accept them scanned/uploaded in an email. Please check with your advisor if you have questions regarding submission.

Form and instructions for petition the Honors Academic Board. Due by 12pm (noon) to be considered at the following Monday morning's HAB meeting.

Keep track of your progress toward fulfilling the college and distribution requirements. Puzzled? Come see an advsior for an assessment of your program.

Requires HAB approval. Submissions received by Thursday at noon are determined the following Monday and notified by email.

Contract between student and teacher to finish incomplete coursework.

Instructions and form for the Sophomore Honors Award. May be turned in at any time during or after your fourth semester.

Use this form to get Upper-Level Writing Requirement credit for your thesis. Please submit no later than the start of the term in which you will finish your thesis.

Use this form to sign up for an Honors Independent Study. Not sure which number or how many hours to sign up for? See the instructions on the first page.

For Research, Travel, and Special Projects, our online application will become active F16. We will announce the Grant Application opening in This Week in Honors. For additional information, see the Scholarship Information page.

Transfer of records for those graduating without an Honors Concentration or any student who otherwise wishes to leave the program.

Need to use the Perlman Honors Commons for a special event? Fill out this request form and submit it to 1330 Mason for approval.

Due to FERPA regulations, we cannot release academic information without approval, which is authorized with the completion of this form in addition to the student's signature. Many Dean's Recommendation forms provide space for this release: please check to make sure this is the case before sending your request, attaching this form if necessary. By completing this form, you are providing a waiver/modification of FERPA restrictions.