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Affiliate Faculty

Mark Ackerman
School of Information
Computer-supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, social computing.
Kate Barald
Medical School
Developmental neurobiology, molecular neurobiology studies of developing neuronal cell and synapses and neuronal regeneration in the inner ear; studies of Neurofibromatosis 1; stem cell studies of neuronal, Schwann cell and heart development.
Rachel K. Best
Department of Sociology
How advocacy and culture create inequalities in policy and law, and consequences new forms of advocacy, eg. interest groups targeting specific diseases.
Leah Bricker
School of Education
Youth STEM-related learning pathways both in and out of school; social disparities related to youth interest and opportunities associated with STEM learning and practice; youth and scientist science-related communication in various contexts; scientific practices in the sciences and in science education.
Miranda Brown
Asian Languages & Cultures
History of medicine and science in China; Chinese conceptions of time across the imperial era; food culture, in particular premodern uses of dairy.
202 S. Thayer, Suite 6111; Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608 734.615.7036
Erin Cech
Department of Sociology
Inequalities in recruitment and retention of women, LGBTQ, and racial/ethnic minority persons in STEM degree programs and STEM jobs.
Jay Crisostomo
Middle East Studies
Intellectual history and the history of science and medicine in the ancient world.
Susan Douglas
Department of Communication and Media
Analyzing media texts, historical approaches to media and technology.
Jatin Dua
Department of Anthropology
Law and economy; Piracy; Oceanic studies; Globalization, Empire, Governance and regulation, conflict/post-conflict, mobility; Indian Ocean, Horn of Africa, East Africa.
207-B West Hall 734-764-2337
Elizabeth Durham
Department of Anthropology
Medical and political anthropology
Ron Eglash
School of Information; School of Art and Design
Sarah Ensor
English Language and Literature
Ecocriticism, gender and sexuality
Amal Hassan Fadlalla
American Culture, Women and Gender Studies
Gender, transnationalism, health, reproduction, poverty, and population and development, local and global political economies (Africa, the Middle East).
Anna Bonnell Freidin
Department of History
Risk and uncertainty in the histories of gender, imperialism, science, medicine, and magic in classical Rome.
William Glover
Department of History
Colonial and post-colonial South Asia, urban and architectural history, material culture, aesthetics of modernization
Laura Hirshbein
Department of Psychiatry, Medical School
History of psychiatry, health services.
Natalie Hofmeister
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stories of invasive speciies, changes in attitudes to invasive species over time and across national boundaries.
Jennifer Hsieh
Department of Anthropology
Formation of political subjectivity through sensory practices in institutional and urban settings.
Matthew Hull
Department of Anthropology
Bureaucracy and governance, corporations, urban planning, material culture, communication technology, South Asia.
224-A West Hall, 1085 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1107 734.763.5382
Leila Kawar
American Culture, Residential College
Law and society, policy and labor governance
Brian Klein
Department of African and Afroamerican Studies
Environmental governance and global development, especially in frontier settings across the Global South
Rijul Kochhar
Department of Anthropology
Transnational histories of infectious diseases, environmental anthropology, and critical theories of technology, disability, and rationality.
Rafael Neis
Department of History, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies
Histories of knowledge, science, and medicine in antiquity. Science and religion. Gender, sexuality, disability, and animality in Judaism.
Davon Norris
Organizational Studies
How algorithms (re)produce inequality and mediate how we understand inequality
Douglas Northrop
Department of History
Central Asia, Soviet, and world/global history; environmental, ecological history; history of geology, seismology, earth sciences; space and mapping.
435 S. State St, 1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1003 734.647.4616
Jason Owen-Smith
Department of Sociology, Organizational Studies
Economic sociology, organizational theory, networks, science and technology.
Alyssa Paredes
Department of Anthropology
Human, environmental, and metabolic infrastructures of transnational trade
Susan Scott Parrish
Department of English
History of science, nature writing, gender, ecocriticism.
Vyta Pivo
Taubman School of Architecture
Materials science and engineering, architectural design, construction, laboratory testing, zoning and standards, industrial manufacturing and global politics, environmental justice.
Arpita Roy
Department of Physics
Installation and commissioning of experiments, contexts of discovery, expertise and organizational dysfunction, and study of material culture with special focus on contemporary particle physics.
Francesca Schironi
Department of Classical Studies
Ancient Greek Astronomy, Greek Science, Ancient Medicine, Scientific Language, Papyrology, Greek Language and Literature
Derek Vaillant
Department of Communication and Media
Analyzing media texts, historical approaches to media and technology, international and comparative media.