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Program Graduates

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Jamie Budnick. Department of Sociology, Ph.D., 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "The New Gay Science: Sexuality Knowledge, Demography, and the Politics of Population Measurement."
Assistant Professor, Department of  Sociology, Cornell University

Ayse Buyuktur, School of Information, Ph.D. 2015 
Ph.D. thesis: "Temporality and Information Work in Bone Marrow Transplant."
Research Area Specialist, U-M School of information; affiliate of Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research

Nicholas Caverly, Department of Anthropology, Ph.D. 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "Restructured City: Demolition and Racial Accumulation in Detroit."
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Melissa Chalmers, School of Information, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis: "On a Mission to Scan: Visibility, Value(s) and Labor in Large-Scale Digitization."
Lecturer, School of Information, University of Michigan

Anoff Cobblah, English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2022
Ph.D. thesis: "The Work of Playful Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain."
Instructional Consultant, University of Michigan

Danielle Czarnecki, Department of Sociology, Ph.D. 2017
Ph.D. thesis: "Modern Crosses: How Christian Women Navigate Gender, Religion, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies."
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Case Western Reserve University 

Robyn d'Avignon, Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis: "Making Artisanal Miners: Nature, Knowledge, and Subterranean History in Senegal."
Assistant Professor, Department of History, New York University

Morgan Daniels, School of Information, Ph.D. 2013
Senior Curator, Devtech

Carla May Dhillon, School of Environment and Sustainability, Ph.D. 2018
Ph.D. thesis: "Indigenous Peoples and Climate Scientists: Assessing Knowledge, Power, and Practices in Collaborative Climate Change Networks."
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Connecticut, Storrs

Kevin Donovan. Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2019
Ph.D. thesis: "Sovereign Scales: Frontiers of Value in East Africa."
Lecturer, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

Tara Dosumu Diener, Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis: "A Hospital in situ: Maternity Nursing Practice in Freetown since 1892."
Lecturer, Writing and Rhetoric Studies, Stanford University

Kristin Fraser. English Language and Literature.

Merideth Garcia, English and Education, Ph.D. 2018
Ph.D. thesis: "Ethical Frames: A Qualitative Study of Networked Device Use in Two High School ELA Classrooms."
Associate Professor, English, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Amanda K. Greene. English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2019
Ph.D. thesis: "Modern Feels:Interwar Britain and the Bodily Politics of Visual Social Media."
Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School

Sarah Hamilton, Department of History, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis:
"Lake Effects: Transnational History and the Making of a Valencian Landscape."
Associate Professor of Environmental History, University of Bergen

James Hammond. English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2019.
Ph.D. thesis: "Composing Progress in the United States: Race Science, Social Justice, and the Rhetorics of Writing Assessment, 1845-1859."
Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition, Michigan Tech

Jean Hardy. School of Information, Ph.D. 2020.
Ph.D. thesis: "Identifying Kin Biometric Belonging and Databased Governance in Colonial South Asia and Postcolonial Pakistan." 
Assistant Professor of Media and Information, Michigan State University

Zehra HashimiPh.D. 2021
Ph.D. thesis: "Rural Transformation in the 21st Century: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and High-Tech Economies in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula."
Assistant Professor of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Haxby. Department of Anthropology, Ph.D. 2019
Ph.D. thesis: "A House Divided: Land, Kinship, and Bureaucracy in Post-Earthquake Kathmandu."
Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Dan Hirschman, Department of Sociology, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis:
“Inventing the Economy (Or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GDP).” 
Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Geoffrey Hughes, Department of Anthropology, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis:
"Affection and Mercy: Kinship, State, and the Management of Marriage in Jordan." 
Lecturer, Anthropology, University of Exeter

Adam Fulton Johnson, Department of History, Ph.D. 2018
Ph.D. thesis: "Secretsharers: Intersecting Systems of Knowledge and the Politics of Documentation in Southwesternist Anthropology, 1880-1930."
Executive Director, Old Santa Fe Association

Jallicia Jolly, Department of American Culture, Ph.D. 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "Ill Erotics: The Cultural Geography of Sexuality, Illness, & Self- Making Among HIV-Positive Young Women in Jamaica."
Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies and Black Studies, Amherst College

Mika Kennedy, English Languages and Literatures, Ph.D. 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "Crossed Wires: Japanese American Incarceration and the Environmental Frontier."
Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, Ithaca College

Cory Knobel, School of Information, Ph.D. 2010 
Ph.D. thesis: "Ontic Occlusion and Exposure in Sociotechnical Systems."
CEO and Principal, Raw Consulting

Vicki Koski-Karell, Medical School / Sociocultural Anthropology
Ph.D. thesis: "'Life is Hard for Us': Drinking Water at the Epicenter of Cholera in Haiti."
Resident, Emergency Medicine, University of Washington

Joshua Kupetz, English Languages and Literatures, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis: "Disability Ecology: Re-Materializing U.S. Fiction from 1890-1940."
Assistant Director, Department of English Writing Program, University of Michigan

Megh Marathe. School of Information, Ph.D. 2021
Ph.D. thesis: "Was That a Seizure? Diagnosis in Lived Experience and Medical Practice."
Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University

Brian Matzke, Department of English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis: "All Scientific Stuff: Science, Expertise, and Everyday Reality in 1926."
Digital Humanities Librarian, Central Connecticut State University

Chakenetsa Mavhunga, Department of History, Ph.D. 2008
Ph.D. thesis: "The Mobile Workshop: Mobility, Technology, and Human-Animal Interaction In Gonarezhou (National Park), 1850-Present."  
Professor, Science, Technology & Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Emily Merchant, Department of History, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis:
"Prediction and Control: Global Population, Population Science, and Population Politics in the Twentieth Century."
Associate Professor, University of California-Davis

Stephen Molldrem, Department of American Culture, P.h.D. 2018
Ph.D. thesis: "Remaking Biomedical Sexualities: Health Technologies and the Governance of HIV in the United States."
Assistant Professor, Bioethics and Health Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston School of Public Health

Nicole Novak, Epidemiology and American Culture, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis: "Stress Biomarkers and Latinos' Exposure to the United States."
Professor, Community and Behavioral Health, University of Iowa

Davide Orsini, Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis: "Life in the Nuclear Archipelago: Cold War Technopolitics and US Nuclear Submarines in Italy."
Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow, Rachl Carson Center for Environment and Society

Emma Park, Department of History, Ph.D. 2017
Ph.D. thesis: "Infrastructural Attachments: Technologies, Mobility, and the Tensions of Home in Colonial and Postcolonial Kenya."
Assistant Professor, Department of History, the New School

Angela Perone, Sociology and Social Work, Ph.D. 2021.
 Ph.D. thesis: “Safety, Autonomy, Discrimination, and Religious Exemptions: Three Papers on How Long-Term Care Staff Navigate Conflicting Rights.”
Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services, University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare

Johnathan Puff. Architecture & Urban Planning, M.A., 2004
Project Director, AJ-A, Berkeley, CA

Ricardo Punzalan, School of Information, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis: "Virtual Reunification: Bits and Pieces Gathered Together to Represent the Whole." 
Associate Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan

Tasha Rijke-Epstein, Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2017
Ph.D. thesis: "Architectures of Belonging: Moral Economies of Urban Place-Making in Mahajanga, Madagascar."
Assistant Professor, History, Vanderbilt University

Marianne Ryan, School of Information, Ph.D. 2012
Ph.D thesis:
"Archival Preservation in the United States and the Role of Information Sources."
Founder, Creative Technologies

Aleksandr Sklyar. Department of Anthropology, Ph.D. 2019
Ph.D. thesis: "Living in Post-Fukushima Grey Zones: Family Decisions in the Wake of Nuclear Disaster."
Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University

Stephen Sparks, Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2012
Ph.D. thesis:
"Apartheid Modern: South Africa's Oil from Coal Project and the History of a South African Company Town."
Senior Lecturer, Department of Historical Studies, University of Johannesburg

Stephanie Triplett. History of Art, Ph.D. 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "The Rise of Narrative Animal Painting in France and Germany, 1790-1880."

Bonnie Tucker. English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2018
Ph.D. thesis: "For-Profit Colleges as Literacy Sponsors: A Turn to Student's Voices."
Research Specialist, Dean's Office, University of Chicago

Allison Tyler. School of Information, Ph.D. 2022
Ph.D. thesis: "Can We Still Archive? Privacy and Social Science Data Archiving After the GDPR."
Senior User Support and Training. UK Data Archive.

Kathryn Wataha. Department of History, Ph.D. 2021
Ph.D. thesis: "The Inaudible Sounds of Science and Medicine: Animals and Media from the Galton Whistle to Bat Echolocation."
University of Michigan’s Medical Student Training Program

Kristen Weis. Department of Anthropology, M.S. 2015; Medical Science, M.S. 2018

Emily Wentzell, Cultural Anthropology; Women's Studies, Ph.D. 2009
Ph.D. thesis:
"Composite Masculinities: Aging, Illness, Erctile Dysfunction and Mexican Manhood."
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology at University of Iowa

Daniel Williford, History,  Ph.D. 2020
Ph.D. thesis: "Concrete Futures: Technologies of Urban Crisis in Colonial and Postcolonial Morocco." 
Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jessica Worl, School for Environment and Sustainability, Ph.D. 2019
Ph.D. thesis: "Mercurial Worlds: Producing Mercury, Risk, and Precarity in Kenya’s Artisanal Gold Mining Communities."
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Davidson College, NC