2023 APSA Award Recipients by UM Faculty, Students, Alum Summary:

Russell Dalton (Ph.D. 1978) received the 2023 Samuel Eldersveld Career Achievement Award, which recognizes a scholar whose lifetime professional work has made an outstanding contribution to the field.

He joins previous recipients Rick Hall, Frank Baumgartner (PhD 1986), and Sam Eldersveld.

LaGina Gause’s (Ph.D. 2016) book The Advantage of Disadvantage: Costly Protest and Political Representation for Marginalized Groups is the 2023 winner of the American Political Science Association Legislative Studies Section’s Richard F. Fenno Jr. Prize for the best book in legislative studies published in the previous year.

LaGina joins this great group of UM recipients of this award: Chuck Shipan, David King (PhD 1992), and Rick Hall.

LaGina's book is also the co-winner of the 2023 American Political Science Association Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section’s Best Book Award for the best book on Race, Ethnicity, and Representation published in the prior two calendar years.

LaGina joins these great UM recipients: Ismail White (Ph.D. 2005), Laura Evans (PhD 2005), Christian Davenport, and Katherine Tate (PhD 1989).

Jean Hong (University of Michigan) has received the 2023 Democracy and Autocracy Section’s Best Article Award for her article titled “In Strongman We Trust: The Political Legacy of the New Village Movement in South Korea.” American Journal of Political Science 2022.

She joins Dan Slater (who won this award two times!).

Vince Hutchings will receive the Hanes Walton Jr. Award for a political scientist whose lifetime of distinguished scholarship has made significant contributions to our understanding of racial and ethnic politics and illuminates the conditions under which diversity and intergroup tolerance thrive in democratic societies.

He joins UM's Cathy Cohen (PhD 1993), who received this award last year.

Holly Jarman (University of Michigan School of Public Health) will receive the 2023 Award for Outstanding Public Engagement in Health Policy. The Award for Outstanding Public Engagement in Health Policy is awarded to an individual who has been working to improve health and the healthcare system by actively engaging in politics and policymaking.

Michael Lerner’s (PhD 2021) dissertation "Green Catalysts? The Impact of Transnational Advocacy on Environmental Policy Leadership" received the Harold D. Lasswell Award for the best dissertation in public policy.

He joins these other great UM recipients:  Jennifer Kavanagh (PhD 2011) and Karen Long Jusko (PhD 2008)

Guoer Liu (current graduate student) received the Best Poster Award from the Society for Political Methodology. 

She joins this great group of UM recipients of Best Poster Awards from the Society for Political Methodology:  Nuannuan Xiang (PhD 2022), John Jackson, and Yuki Shiraito.

Anil Menon’s (PhD 2022) paper titled “Whose Critique Matters? The Effects of Critic Identity and Audience on Public Opinion" received the 2023 best paper award for the Human Rights Section Panel at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

Sara Morell (PhD 2023) received a 2023 Women, Gender, and Politics Research Section Microgrant. 

Fabian Neuner (2018) received the 2023 APSA Political Psychology Section Distinguished Junior Scholars Award.

He joins Crystal Robertson (BA 2019), Spencer Piston (PhD 2014), and Nicole Yadon (see below!).

Ragnhild Nordås and Dara Kay Cohen will be receiving the J. David Singer Data Innovation Award for the Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict dataset.

Ragnhild joins these great UM recipients: J. David Singer and Lars-Erik Cederman (PhD 1994).

Julie Novkov (PhD 1998) received the 2023 Public Engagement Award, an annual award to recognize the exemplary public-facing work of political scientists in the field of Women, Gender, and Politics.

Joe Ornstein's (PhD 2018) paper titled “How the Trump Administration’s Quota Policy Transformed Immigration Judging" received the 2023 Law and Courts Best Conference Paper Award, which is given annually for the best paper on law and courts presented at the previous year’s annual meetings of the American, International, or regional political science associations.

He joins Deborah Beim, who received an Honorable Mention and who received (in a different year) the award.

Roya Talibova's (PhD 2022) paper titled “Choosing Sides: The Price for Battlefield Loyalty under Autocracy” will receive the 2023 Politics and History Section Brian Dave Robertson Conference Paper Award, recognizing the best paper in Politics and History presented at the previous annual meeting.

Katherine Tate (PhD 1989) received the 2023 Legislative Studies Section’s Barbara Sinclair Legacy Award, which honors the work of a scholar or set of scholars who have contributed a lifetime of significant scholarship to the study of legislative politics.

Yuhua Wang’s (PhD 2011) book The Rise and Fall of Imperial China: The Social Origins of State Development is a co-winner of the Gregory Luebbert Best Book Prize in Comparative Politics, awarded by the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

He joins this great group of UM recipients: Karen Long Jusko (PhD 2008), who received an honorable mention; Ken Kollman and Chuck Shipan

Yuhua Wang’s APSR article “Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Elite Kinship Networks and State Building in Imperial China” received Honorable Mention for the Political Ties Award, awarded by the Political Networks Section of the American Political Science Association. 

Nicole Yadon (2020) received the 2023 APSA Political Psychology Section Distinguished Junior Scholars Award.

She joins Crystal Robertson (BA 2019), Spencer Piston (PhD 2014), and Fabian Neuner (see above!).