2022 APSA Awards for U-M Political Science Department Faculty, Graduate Students, and Alumni:

Paul Beck (Ph.D. 1971) was a co-recipient of the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award Awarded annually to a publicly available dataset in the field of comparative politics with Richard Gunther for the “Comparative National Elections Project (CNEP)”

Timm Betz (Ph.D. 2015) will receive the Lawrence Longley Award from the section on Representation and Electoral Systems, for his co-authored paper, “Women’s Descriptive Representation and Gendered Import Tax Discrimination,” American Political Science Review 115 (1) 2021, 307-315.

Ted Brader will receive the Philip E. Converse Book Award for his book, Campaigning for Hearts and Minds: How Emotional Appeals in Political Ads Work.  The Converse Award recognizes the author(s) of an outstanding book published at least five years ago.

Soon-to-be UM Communication and Media Professor, Yanna Krupnikov (Ph.D. 2009), received this award last year.

Here are the other fabulous previous UM winners of the Converse Award: Tali Mendelberg (Ph.D. 1994, twice!), Don Kinder, and, then, the first recipients of this award were Angus Campbell, Phil Converse, Warren Miller, and Don Stokes.

Sasha de Vogel (Ph.D. 2021) will receive the Juan Linz Prize for Best Dissertation in the Comparative Study of Democracy and Autocracy from the APSA Democracy & Autocracy Section for her dissertation, "Protest, Mobilization, Concessions, and Policy Change in Autocracies.”

Lauren Davenport (BA 2005) will receive the best paper award from the Race,Ethnicity, and Politics Section for her co-authored paper, "Perfect Proxies or CrosscuttingCleavages? Racial Context(s) in the United States"

Edgar Franco Vivanco's 2021 World Politics article, “Justice as Checks and Balances: Indigenous Claims in the Courts of Colonial Mexico,” will be co-winner of the 2022 Mary Parker Follett Award for the best article in politics and history in 2021. 

Ashley Jardina (Ph.D 2014) will be a co-winner of the Emerging Scholar Award from the Elections, Public Opinion, and Political Behavior Section, an award presented to top scholars in the field who are within ten years of the Ph.D.

She joins these previous UM recipients: Lauren Davenport (BA 2005), Yanna Krupnikov (Ph.D. 2009), Cindy Kam (Ph.D. 2003), Ted Brader, Adam Berinsky (Ph.D. 2000), and Skip Lupia.

Yanna Krupnikov (Ph.D. 2009, and soon-to-be UM Communications and Media Professor) will receive the Experimental Research Section’s Best Article with a Preregistration in JEPS, along with her co-authors, James N Druckman, Samara Klar, Matthew Levendusky, and John Barry Ryan.

Michael Lerner (Ph.D. 2021) will receive the Virginia Walsh Dissertation Award from the APSA Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics Section for his dissertation, "Green Catalysts? The Impact of Transnational Advocacy on Environmental Policy Leadership."

Ellen Lust (Ph.D. 1997) will receive the Comparative Politics section’s Bingham Powellmentoring award. 

Anil Menon (Ph.D. 2022) will receive the Best Paper Award from the APSA EuropeanPolitics and Society Section for his paper, "The Political Legacy of Forced Migration: Evidence from Post-WWII Germany."  

Eitan Paul (current Ph.D. student) will receive an Honorable Mention for the Best Field Work Award from APSA's Democracy & Autocracy Section, for "Raising Representation? Gender and Village Budgeting Reforms in Indonesia."

Crystal Robertson (BA 2019) received the APSA Political Psychology section’s Distinguished Junior Scholars Award.

Roya Talibova (Ph.D. 2022) will receive the Best Paper Award from APSA's Democracy & Autocracy Section for "Repression, Military Service, and Insurrection."

Nick Valentino's co-authored book, Seeing Us in Them: Social Divisions and the Politics of Group Empathy, will receive the APSA best book award. As you all know, this award is given annually by the American Political Science Association for the best bookon government, politics, or international affairs.

He joins this great UM group: Ismail White (Ph.D.  2005), Kristina Miler (Ph.D.  2003), Tali Mendelberg (Ph.D. 1994), Phil Converse, and Sam Eldersveld. 

Nick Valentino's, book, Seeing Us in Them: Social Divisions and the Politics of Group Empathy, will also receive the award for the best book in experimental research.

He joins this great group of UM recipients of the Best Book in Experimental Methods:  Yanna Krupnikov (Ph.D. 2009), Adam SethLevine (Ph.D. 2010), Tali Mendelberg (Ph.D. 1994), and Skip Lupia.

Valentino's book will receive a third fabulous APSA award, the Robert Lane Book Award for the best book in Political Psychology, from APSA's Political Psychology Section.

He joins a great group of Lane Award recipients from UM: Ashley Jardina (Ph.D. 2014), Yanna Krupnikov (Ph.D.  2009), Tali Mendelberg (Ph.D.  1994), and Skip Lupia. 

Charley Willison (Ph.D., with cognate in Political Science, 2019) will receive the Dennis Judd Best Book Award, APSA Urban and Local Politics Section, for her book, Ungoverned and Out of Sight: Public Health and the Political Crisis of Homelessness in the United States.