Arthur "Skip" Lupia has been appointed by the Regents as the Gerald R. Ford Distinguished University Professor of Political Science. 

From the Record: “Professor Lupia has been hailed as one of the leading political scientists of his generation,” Rackham Graduate School Dean Michael Solomon wrote in his recommendation. “He has contributed path-breaking and highly influential research in a wide variety of topics, including electoral behavior, public opinion, direct democracy, legislative organization, institutional design, policy implementation, and the impact of electronic media.”

Here's what the university says about the professorship:

The Distinguished University Professorships recognize exceptional scholarly and/or creative achievements, national and international reputation, superior teaching and mentoring, and an impressive record of service. In creating these positions in 1947, the Board of Regents intended that Distinguished University Professors be recognized for their great contributions to the University and the nation. Each Distinguished University Professorship bears a special name, determined by the appointive professor in consultation with her or his dean. The duration of the appointment is unlimited, and the title—without the salary and research supplements—may be retained after retirement. In addition, newly appointed Distinguished University Professors are expected to deliver an inaugural lecture during the first year of appointment. These are the University’s most prestigious professorships.

Skip joins a spectacular group of Distinguished University Professors from the department:  Bob Axelrod, Phil Converse, Don Kinder, Scott Page, and Ron Suny

Arthur Lupia is the Hal R Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science. He examines how people make decisions when they lack information and in how they manage complex information flows. His topics of expertise include information processing, persuasion, strategic communication, and civic competence.