Kiela Crabtree has been awarded this year's Byran Jackson Dissertation Research Award from the American Political Science Association (APSA) Urban and Local Politics Section (for outstanding scholarship for a graduate student studying race and ethnic politics in an urban setting). The award was given for Kiela's prospectus and on-going dissertation work: "Racially-Targeted Violence and Implications for Political Behavior in the United States."

Kiela Crabtree is a PhD candidate in the University of Michigan Department of Political Science. Her research focuses on the impact of violence -- specifically racially-targeted violence -- on American political participation and public opinion. Her dissertation uses archival data collection, local-level observational data, and a series of survey experiments to investigate where racially-targeted violence has occurred, how the targeted respond, and why those responses are observed. Ultimately, her work contends that acts of racial violence, which are seemingly small or isolated, have striking political repercussions for the targeted communities.