“Wealth cannot purchase innate talent. But it can provide access to elite — and less competitive — sports and activities. ... It can provide better coaching, counseling, stronger familial support. As a result, students from wealthy families are much more likely to get into elite colleges — not through cheating, but through the selective back door available primarily to those from wealth,” said Scott Page in a Washington Post Monkey Cage Analysis

Scott Page, Professor of Complex Systems, Economics, and Political Science at the University of Michigan directs or helps direct three large projects at the University of Michigan. He is the principal investigator for the IDEAS NSF IGERT grant, a principal investigator for Project SLUCE, and NSF bio-complexity grant, and the director of Project Diversity, an interdisciplinary effort to understand the theoretical implications of diversity that is funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. Scott belongs to several research teams, including the MacArthur Foundation’s working group on economic inequality and social interactions.