2018 APSA Awards for U-M Political Science Department Faculty, Graduate Students, and Alumni:

Katherine Cramer article (co-authored with Benjamin Toff) “The Fact of Experience: Rethinking Political Knowledge and Civic Competence” is the 2018 recipient of the Heinz I. Eulau Award.

Mark Dincecco’s book (co-authored with Massimiliano Onorato) From Warfare to Wealth is the 2018 Winner of the Riker Best Book Award of APSA’s Political Economy Section.

John Jackson's poster “Correct Standard Errors with Clustered Data” is receiving the 2018 Society for Political Methodology Poster Award.

Karen Jusko's book Who Speaks for the Poor? is receiving honorable mention for the 2018 Luebbert Best Book Award of APSA’s Comparative Politics Section.

Christina Kinane's paper “The Politics of Vacancies and Interim Appointments in the Bureaucracy” is receiving honorable mention for the 2018 Founder’s Best Graduate Student Paper Award.

Kevin McAlister is the 2018 recipient of the John T. Williams Prize from APSA's Society for Political Methodology for his dissertation proposal "Roll Call Scaling in the U.S. Congress: Addressing the Deficiencies."

Brendan Nyhan's paper (co-authored with Andrew Guess and Jason Reifler) “Inside the Fake News Bubble? Consumption of Online Fake News in the 2016 U.S. Election” is receiving the 2018 Best Conference Paper Award.

H.W. Perry is the 2018 recipient of the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship.

Crystal Robertson has been named as a 2018 APSA Ralph Bunche Summer Institute (RBSI) Scholar. Crystal Robertson is a rising senior political science major at the University of Michigan.

Chuck Shipan is the 2018 recipient of the Herbert Simon Award. The award honors significant contributions to the scientific study of bureaucracy.

Gisela Sin is the 2018 recipient of the Dean's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education.

Elizabeth Suhay’s paper (co-authored with Marko Klašnja and Gonzalo Rivero) “Ideology of Affluence: Explanations for Inequality and Political Attitudes among Rich Americans.” is the 2018 winner of the Best Paper Award of APSA’s Class and Inequality Section.

Nick Valentino’s paper (co-authored with Kirill Zhirkov) “The Images in our Heads: Race, Partisanship and Affective Polarization” is this year’s recipient of Best Paper in Political Behavior.

Brian Weeks' article (co-authored with Homero Gil de Zúñiga and Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu) “Effects of the News-Finds-Me Perception in Communication: Social Media Use Implications for News Seeking and Learning About Politics” is the recipient of the 2018 Best Information Technology & Politics Article Award.