Founded in 1981, the Michigan Journal of Political Science is one of the nation’s oldest undergraduate academic journals of political science. It has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the top 50 student political science journals worldwide. After the first 10 years of publication, the MJPS decided to expand its scope from political science into other related fields: history, public policy, law, just to name a few.

The goal of the Michigan Journal of Political Science is to advance global knowledge about political science theorem and how those theorem are executed in the real world on both a micro and macro level. We strive to educate University of Michigan Students and the general curious public as a whole on how political science can be seen in every aspect of human life. Through high quality writing and research, we will begin to uncover some of the biggest questions facing this field today.

Now in a revitalized online stream, the MJPS features scholarly articles and research based on the principles of modern American Political Science. The MJPS writer team writes articles and reviews outside submissions which are then approved by our team of Editors. This process ensures the high quality of writing that we aim for as a publication.

If you are interested in writing for or contributing to the MJPS, please email to get more information.