The newly formed Political Science swim team, consisting of 9 graduate students, won first place in the Co-Rec Division at the annual intramural swim meet on Wednesday, December 7, 8:30 PM at Canham Natatorium. 


Three divisions competed in the meet:  Co-Rec, Frats and Men only (which included some women).  The meet consisted of ten events including diving, 2 relays, 200 meter freestyle, and a 100 meter IM (one length of each stroke).  There were some very close races, so having a full roster of swimmers benefited the political science department (group scoring is based on a compilation of points per person who place in each event).  Runners-up in the Co-Rec division included Mrun (a running group) and the Southside Swimming Team (a small group).   The UM varsity swim team captain was on one of the Frat teams, described by an inside source as “insanely fast!”.


A cheering section of about 25 people from Political Science came to the meet to support the team.  They wore bright yellow shirts (specially designed by Alex Jakle for the event) that said “Political Science Swim Team” on the front and “No, Seriously” on the back.  

Team members include: Andrea Jones-Rooy (co-captain), Alex Jakle (co-captain), Denise Lillvis, Erin McGovern, Laura Seago, Nathan Kalmoe, Kirill Kalinin, Anna Cotter and Adrian Shin.  The team represented most of the cohorts in the graduate program.  A few of the members had been on swim teams in high school or college, and the rest swim recreationally.  Andrea Jones-Rooy was the diving representative on the team (forward and inverted tucks, and pike), Alex Jakle won the 50M butterfly and backstroke events, and Denise and Kirill swam the longest events (200M freestyle).

Andrea Jones-Rooy was instrumental in pulling the team together.  She noticed an announcement about the annual intramural swim meet, and thought that it might be a nice change of pace.  Although she didn’t expect to get more than a couple of responses, the replies were enthusiastic.  She, Alex, and Erin spent an entire evening poring (perhaps too much) over the roster to make sure that everyone on the team participated in at least one event, and that all intramural rules for Co-Rec sports, such as equal participation between men and women, were met.  “The event was really well-organized and everyone had a lot of fun,” she says.  “In the future we hope to have teams every year.  Any political science student with an Mcard can participate!” 

If you’re a swimmer, now is the time to get in shape for next year’s event.  If not, we hope that you’ll come and cheer for the team!