Annual Exhibition

PCAP’s Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons (aka. “the art show”) is one of the largest exhibits of artwork by incarcerated artists in the world. The exhibition will be celebrating its 28th anniversary and regularly exhibits hundreds of pieces of art. It runs for two weeks each winter semester in Ann Arbor. Students and volunteers can participate in art selection, installation, and art show events.

Additional Exhibits

Shared Humanity: Traveling Art Exhibit & Sale

PCAP exhibits bring the artwork of incarcerated artists into the public realm in order to humanize prisoners, break stereotypes and create dialogue about mass incarceration.

We Bear

In the depths of the covid pandemic lockdown, 31 people isolated in prisons in the UK and US produced extraordinary artworks exploring personal experiences of incarceration.

Miniatures 2021: Resisting the Confines of Quarantine

As an adaptation, PCAP invited artists incarcerated in Michigan state prisons to create small-scale artwork and send their entries by mail.

Light Behind Bars Traveling Exhibit

This unique traveling video exhibit showcases the artworks curated for the most recent Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons.

Linkage Community Artists' Galleries

These galleries showcase the hard work and talents of the Linkage Community members.

Voices & Art Unlocked

Step into a world where the boundaries of art and poetry dissolve.

Humanize The Numbers

Humanize the Numbers presents the perspectives of men in Michigan prisons.