The working group, established in the fall of 2018, unites scholars (faculty and graduate students) from both in and outside of U-M, crossing disciplinary boundaries to discuss research, share advice, and form a strong community of Latinx scholars. Members have joined or participated from across a wide range of studies, including psychology, education, social work, romance languages, sociology, American culture, and political science.

The group is funded in part by U-M’s National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) Think-Act Tank Grants program. Dr. Tabbye Chavous, director of NCID, said that the Latinx working group creates a unique opportunity “for building scholarly communities for innovation, for shared sense of purpose, and to make broader social impacts.”

All of this, Chavous added, “can be critical” to creating and keeping a thriving population of Latinx faculty, which “requires long-term commitment and leadership.”


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