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Following an afternoon of food and fellowship with our NCID team and a ripe discussion of our values, goals, and vision, we decided to name our online magazine “Spark” both for the images it brought to mind as well as the feelings of energy it catalyzed among us.

As described by our team, a spark is “a starbust,” “a campfire,” or a “firework.” It is the start of something much bigger, the lightbulb over one’s head that occurs when an idea has revolutionized their way of seeing the world. A spark is “something that catches and spreads,” and, while small in itself, can “ignite a revolution.” No fire can grow to a blaze without first starting from a spark, and no darkness, no matter how profound, can hide the light from the tiniest spark. Hearing the word makes us feel “energized” and “warm,” “intrigued and curious.”

We hope that the research and researchers featured spark something in you, some curiosity to learn more about how society shapes and impacts lives, a deeper interrogation of a phenomenon you took for granted, or a more profound empathy and vocal support for those from marginalized communities. Learn more.

Editorial Staff and Senior Advisors

Vania Agama, NCID Graduate Student Research Fellow

Tabbye Chavous, NCID Director, Associate Vice President for Research, and Professor of Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan

Shanna Kattari, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan

William Lopez, NCID Faculty Director of Public Scholarship and Assistant Clinical Professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan

Larissa Mercado-Lopez, Associate Professor of Women's Studies at California State University, Fresno

Laura Sánchez-Parkinson, NCID Assistant Director for Programs and Development and Program Manager for Research

Dominique Thomas, NCID 2018-2020 Scholarship-to-Practice Fellow