The Anti-Racism Collaborative, administered by the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID), has awarded summer research grants to 21 University of Michigan (U-M) graduate students. The Rackham Graduate School is co-sponsoring the awards, which amount to $99,825.

The grants aim to support engagement in research projects focused on racial inequality, racial equity, and racial justice while advancing graduate student progress toward degree.

"We received 70 outstanding proposals for rigorous, creative research and scholarship focused on topics central to anti-racism, from a variety of disciplinary and methodological approaches," says Tabbye Chavous, director of the NCID, U-M associate vice president for research, and professor of education and psychology. “A key goal is to support and engage a community of next-generation scholars committed to the production and use of innovative research and scholarship in informing and advancing anti-racist action. We look forward to connecting these outstanding scholars, and sharing and disseminating their important work.”

“I believe the volume of applications we received in our first year of offering these grants speaks to the strong interest that our students have in undertaking this work,” says Rackham Dean Mike Solomon. “These grants represent another critical way that graduate students may pursue scholarship that is foundational to positive change in our society and its institutions.”

NCID and Rackham will host opportunities for the campus and broader communities to engage with the award recipients and learn more about their research during the 2021-2022 academic year.

2021 Projects

Unification through Vibration and Reconnecting Our Collective Ancestral Memory
Imani Ma'At AnkhmenRa Amen Taylor (MFA Student in Dance)

An Embodied Exploration of Mathematical Teaching, Learning, & Doing for Social Justice
Gabrielle Bernal (PhD Student in Educational Studies)

What Does it Mean to Design for and with Equity?: Centering the Narratives and Experiences of Women Designers of Color
Kaylla Cantilina (PhD Student in Design Science)

Ancestors and Algorithms: African and Black Diasporic Knowledge Systems for Ethnocomputing
Imani Cooper Mkandawire (PhD Student in Comparative Literature)

Policing the Color Line: The Bridging Racial Violence Dataset
Kiela Crabtree (PhD Student in Political Science)

A Treatise on Cross-Racial Accountability, Allyship, and Solidarity
Jeremy Glover and Surabhi Balachander (PhD Students in English Language & Literature)

What Could Be: A Phenomenological Examination of Leader Identity Development Among Faculty of Color
Jeffrey Grim (PhD Candidate in Higher Education)

The Intersectional Impact of Power: Social Movement Framing Processes of Black and White Food Justice Activists in NYC
Samantha Hobson (PhD Student in Sociology)

The Impacts of Race and Equity on Participation in Local Food Systems
Carissa Knox (PhD Student in Resource Policy and Behavior)

Detroit Deadly Force
Nicole Navarro (PhD Student in History)

Prosocial Politics: Investigating Anti Racism Among White Youth
Eugenia Quintanilla (PhD Student in Political Science)

Where are Mi Gente? Codeswitching our Blackness and Latinidad in the Music Classroom
Marjoris Regus (PhD Student in Music Education)

Emergency Management: Race and Democracy in Post-industrial Urban Governance
Reuben Riggs-Bookman (PhD Student in Anthropology and History)

The Asianness of Algorithms: Racial Triangulation and White Supremacy in Tech
Megan Rim (PhD Student in American Culture)

Puerto Rican Farm Labor Migration, Settlement and Community Development in Hartford, CT from 1947-1973
Elena Rosario (PhD Student in History)

Care in Crisis: Black Women and the Politics of Labor in Atlanta, 1965-1995
Eshe Sherley (PhD Student in History)

48208 Lives Community Based Research Project
Stacey Stevens (MSW Student)

“I didn’t want it to be a sob story”: Black Student Identity Narration in College Personal Statements
Aya Waller-Bey (PhD Student in Sociology)

An Exploration of Antiracism Education in Social Work
Amber Williams (PhD Student in Higher Education)

American Patriots
Samantha Williams (Specialist of Music Student in Voice)