History Wins LSA Student Government Departmental Award of Excellence for 2012-2013

According to the LSA SGA representatives, "History had over one hundred survey responses, which is the highest number of responses for any department we have had! . . . In addition to looking at the quantitative data, we reviewed the comments students had to say about advising, getting involved within the department, faculty, etc. and your department scored very highly . . . the History Department was competitive with smaller departments that usually tend to get higher results."

Moreover, the committee that selected History from among departmental finalists stressed: "It is really phenomenal to see the strides the History Department has made over the course of the past couple of years to go above and beyond to make students feel like they belong in the department."

LSA Dean's Office Recognizes History for Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Department of History has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Departmental Award for Contributions to the Undergraduate Initiative. In his announcement letter Associate Dean Philip Deloria gave the following commendation:

"In recent years, the Department of History has made remarkable strides in transforming the undergraduate curriculum to better serve its students.  The effort has required strong leadership, hard work, and the mobilization and commitment of the full faculty. The new mentoring program, reoriented gateway courses, revised and improved Honors sequence, History Career Day, and the implementation of new undergraduate-focused appointments demonstrate a thoughtful effort to create the best student experience possible.   Furthermore, your success in meeting College priorities around student success, satisfaction, and diversity interests is highly commendable.  We thank you for your dedicated and innovative approach to undergraduate education, and look forward to the success of your endeavors over the next few years.   We share your pride and are pleased to recognize the department with the 2013 Departmental Award."

This distinction comes with an award of $25,000 and will be announced by Dean Susan Gelman at the first faculty meeting in the Fall 2013 semester.