Ronald Bartlema was the speaker for the 21st Annual De Vries – Van der Kooy Memorial Lecture at 8 p.m. on Thursday, October 6, at the Michigan League. Bartlema, editor-in-chief of the national Dutch children's news (NOS Jeugdjournaal), spoke about how to share news with children.

The NOS Jeugdjournaal started in 1981 as the second news program for children, after BBC Newsround. After 35 years, more than 15,000 news programs, 13 weekly national newscasts with its own global reporters, a large online presence, a yearly election debate with Dutch party leaders, and live children's press conferences, the national Dutch children's news takes children seriously as a news audience. It goes beyond an educational tool as an integral part of Dutch family life, with many children watching the program with their families after dinner. Ronald Bartlema discussed the NOS Jeugdjournaal as a cultural phenomenon, its role as a model for children's news around the world, and its expertise in bringing difficult world news to children without taboos and in psychologically safe ways.

The lecture is available to watch online: