German band EINSHOCH6 will bring their unique mix of hip-hop and classical music to the US with a tour this fall, Das Bandtagebuch mit EINSHOCH6. The US Tour 2017: German Hip Hop meets Classical. The band from Munich, Germany, combines refined orchestral sounds with bass and text-driven hip hop to create an energizing, unique concert experience auf Deutsch {in German}. Das Bandtagebuch mit EINSHOCH6 is a project of the Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, to foster the study of German. In addition to attending live concerts and workshops to produce songs together with the band, students and teachers benefit from teaching materials posted on the Deutsche Welle website.

The US tour is the band’s grandest Bandtagebuch-Tour yet. With 18 concerts throughout the Midwest and Eastern US, the tour will reach thousands of students and their local communities. Several concerts are already sold out. Other highlights of the tour include a concert at the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and a final concert at the convention of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Nashville, TN.

"It is great that this US tour is finally happening,“ said EINSHOCH6 manager Amadeus Hiller. "Since we’ve started touring we’ve had a lot of requests from students and teachers to visit the US.” Following their very successful first album “Lass uns reden,” EINSHOCH6 released, earlier this year, their second album "Reise um die Welt" {Trip around the World} which includes an ode to “Deutschlehrerinnen” {German Teachers} created in cooperation with German teachers and learners around the world. The Economist reports the group turns “tongue-twisting Teutonic sounds into the verbal pyrotechnics of rap.”

EINSHOCH6 has played more than 400 concerts and received numerous national and international awards. The project "DW Bandtagebuch mit EINSHOCH6" is a cooperation between the Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, and the band "EINSHOCH6". The project allows hundreds of thousands of students worldwide to learn about Germany, German music, and the German language.“EINSHOCH6 regularly fills concert halls across Germany, drawing fans with their individualistic style of artistic expression. Their undeniably unique melding of German language, hip hop and classical music is what has propelled them to be the worldwide Musical Ambassadors of the German language,” according to the German Embassy Washington.

“German hip hop, together with classical orchestra sounds, provides a fantastic forum for learning German. Students are engaged and excited to immerse themselves in German music and culture,” said Ingrid Zeller, Professor of Instruction in German at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, who initiated the tour. The tour is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German together with the German Embassy Washington and generous sponsorship through its Netzwerk Deutsch program.

The University of Michigan Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures is hosting the concert at The Neutral Zone, 310 E. Washington St. at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 2. Tickets are free and available on a first come, first served basis at Additional sponsors include U-M’s Center for European Studies, Institute for the Humanities, and The Neutral Zone.



Contact Deutsche Welle: André Moeller/Shirin Kasraeian Moghaddam

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