Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures and Museum Studies Kerstin Barndt is featured in LSA Magazine’s Spring 2017 issue. The article, Object Lessons: The Past and Future of U-M’s Museums, Collections, and Libraries, written by Elizabeth Wason, interviews Barndt and Carla Sinopoli, a curator of Asian archaeology and a professor of anthropology and the director of the Museum Studies Program about their work to write a history of U-M’s museums, libraries, and collections for U-M’s bicentennial. Research on this project was extensive, and will culminate in a book, Object Lessons and the Formation of Knowledge: The University of Michigan Museums, Libraries and Collections 1817–2017, which will be published in the fall.

Read the complete article here. The Object Lessons exhibit, curated by Barndt, will be on display this fall at the Ruthven Museums Building.