Sturm Fellowships are available to University of Michigan undergraduate students who are traveling to a German-speaking country for an internship. Students will receive a fellowship of $100-$1,000 for their internship experience. More money will be awarded to students who have unpaid internships and to those students who are majors and minors in the German Department. Funds will be awarded to students who can demonstrate academic excellence and genuine financial need.

Application Submission

Please submit this form and email a copy of your academic transcript (unofficial is acceptable) to Jennifer Lucas at by Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Review Process

Applications will be considered by our undergraduate advisors. The Department's Executive Committee will approve funding recommendations.

Donor Information

For one month of courting and 40-plus years of matrimony, DeVere and Zita Sturm have loved one another and Germany, the country that brought them together. Now, their German roots, DeVere’s time at the University, and the fact that three of their four children studied German at the U-M have inspired the Sturms to help students visit the country that united them. The Sturm Family Endowment supports undergraduates in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures traveling to Germany for opportunities to work and study abroad. After seeing the effect that traveling abroad had on their own children, it was clear to them that their endowment should provide the opportunity to students to travel or study in Germany, thus uniting the Sturms’ German heritage with their interest in the University of Michigan.