The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology would like to give special thanks to our dedicated graduate students who volunteer with the Graduate Researchers in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (GREEBs). These students provide a voice, guidance, and much more to our department, ensuring that it runs smoothly. GREEBs aims to support students, communicate current issues, and organize and plan activities on and around campus. 

“I appreciate the fact that there are graduate students serving on most if not all of the committees in the department. I think it is important for us to have a voice on those committees.” - Keyi Feng

“I have been on GREEBs for four years and served on four committees,” said Bridget Shayka. “I have appreciated GREEBs meetings as a way to hear how grad students are working throughout the department to support the grad student community.”

2022 - 2023 GREEBs Members:

  • President: Hayley Crowell
  • Admissions Committee: Bridget Shayka and Anna Redgrave
  • Big Sib/Little Sib: Diana Medellín-Zabala and Keyi Feng
  • Community Organizer: Katrina Munsterman and Zulay Rodriguez
  • Diversity Committee: Susanna Campbell and Grace Zhang
  • ECSS: Kristen Wacker
  • Executive Committee: Emily Laub
  • Graduate Affairs Committee: Kirby Mills
  • Retreat Committee: Sam Schaffer-Morrison and Matheus Januário
  • Thursday Seminar: Olivia Vought, Héctor Fox (fall) and Matt Hack (winter)
  • Social Committee: Sam Stratton
  • Space and Facilities Committee: Patricia Torres-Pineda
  • Tuesday Lunch Seminar: So Eun Moon and Avinash Subramanian
  • Undergraduate Affairs: Eric Bastien


Current 2023 - 2024 GREEBs Members:

  • President: Rachel Cable
  • Admissions Committee: Keyi Feng and Simone Oliphant
  • Big Sib/Little Sib: Cheyenne Graham and Brenda Hernandez
  • Community Organizer: Teresa Sauer and Abbey Soule
  • Diversity Committee: Grace Zhang and Diana Carolina Vergara
  • Executive Committee: Kristen Wacker
  • ECSS: Anah Soble
  • Graduate Affairs Committee: Natasha Stepanova
  • Social and Retreat Committee: Matheus Januário and Ben Nicholas
  • Thursday Seminar: Olivia Vought and Raquel Pizzardo
  • Space and Facilities Committee: Patricia Torres-Pineda
  • Tuesday Lunch Seminar: Emma Carlson and Yu Kai Tan
  • Undergraduate Affairs: Juanita Pardo Sanchez
  • GEO: Natasha Stepanova, Nikesh Dahal, Carolyn Graham, Emma Carlson


How to stay in contact and get involved

There is a Slack channel for EEB grad students and postdocs to have both academic and informal discussions. If you would like to join the Slack channel, email GREEBs president Rachel Cable at If you’d like to get involved next year, the call for nominations for GREEBs volunteers goes out in the spring. Go GREEBs! We appreciate you.