Sasha Bishop at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Image: Grace Zhang

Graduate student Sasha Bishop has received an Evolutionary, Ecological, or Conservation Genomics Research Award from the American Genetics Association for her project “Identifying candidate loci and spatially variable selection in the face of anthropogenic climate change using a common morning glory system.”

“My dissertation investigates the potential for adaptive evolution in the context of anthropogenic climate change in the common morning glory, Ipomoea purpurea,” said Bishop. “I combine common garden and genomic approaches to assess temporal and spatial variance in selective pressure and adaptive response, what phenotypic traits are driving evolution to climate change in naturally occurring plant populations, and whether selection on multiple characters may constrain adaptation or disrupt plant-pollinator interactions. Finally, this grant will provide funding for whole genome re-sequencing to describe the genetic architecture of climate-related traits.”

The award is for over $6,000. Bishop’s advisor is Professor Gina Baucom.

The AGA grants EECG Research Awards each year to graduate and postdoctoral researchers who are at a critical point in their research, where additional funds would allow them to conclude their research project and prepare it for publication, according to the AGA website.

Compiled by Gail Kuhnlein