A maize and blue HAIL to EEB graduate students Jill Myers and Kayla Sale-Hale.

Myers’ grant titled “Moving fungal virology out of the dark ages of sequencing" captured a Translational Mycology Research Award from the Mycological Society of America at their annual meeting in August. This competitive grant allows Myers to work on viruses of fungi, with implications for biocontrol.

EEB graduate student Kayla Sale-Hale (center) discusses research with her advisor, Professor Fernanda Valdovinos and Daniel Maes, a graduate student instructor in mathematics.

Sale-Hale won the Volterra Award for the best student oral presentation in theoretical ecology at the Ecological Society of America annual meeting in August 2019. Her talk was titled "Mutualism in food webs: persistent pollinators facilitate positive diversity-stability relationships."

Compiled by Gail Kuhnlein