The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is delighted to present the EEB First Paper Award to recognize Katie McLean and Kristel Sánchez.

McLean, K.D.* and M.A. Duffy. 2019. Ecological context influences evolution in host-parasite interactions: insights from the Daphnia-parasite model system. Evolution in Action: Past, Present and Future, in press. (invited submission)

Sánchez, K.F.*, N. Huntley, M.A. Duffy, and M.D. Hunter. 2019. Toxins or medicines? Phytoplankton diets mediate host and parasite fitness in a freshwater system. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B.

McLean and Sánchez, who are both advised by Professor Meghan Duffy, will be presented with certificates signed by Professor Jianzhi Zhang, associate chair for graduate studies, and Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil, EEB chair. They each receive a $30 book store gift card.