In addition to awards previously reported in EEB news throughout the 2017- 2018 academic year, here is an honor roll on the rest of the competitive awards EEB graduate students have earned throughout the past academic year:

Rackham Graduate School awards (featured web news on these Rackham awards is coming soon)

Anat Belasen, Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Caroline Parins-Fukuchi, Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Gordon Fitch, Rackham International Research Award

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology awards

Gordon Fitch, Edwin Edwards Scholarship

Lisa Walsh, Helen Olson Brower Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Studies

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U-M Museum of Zoology awards

Peter Cerda, Charles F. Walker Scholarship

Kenzo Esquivel Ichthyology Graduate Student Scholarship

Iris Holmes, Edwin C. Hinsdale Scholarship

Lisa Walsh, Edwin C. Hinsdale Scholarship

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Other U-M awards

Molly Choi, Genetics Training Grant Fellowship

Sonal Gupta, MBGNA Winnifred Chase Award

Nia Johnson, EEB Botanical Gardens

Teresa Pegan, E.S. George Reserve Scholarship

Lisa Walsh, Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor and U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate

External awards

Peter Cerda, American Museum of Natural History: Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund

Sonal Gupta, Society for the Study of Evolution: Lewontin Award; University of Washington: Biostatistics Summer School Fellowship

Emily Laub, International Society for Behavioral Ecology: Travel Grant; Society for the Study of Evolution: Lewontin Award

Jill Myers, Mycological Society of America: Mentor Student Travel Award

Teresa Pegan, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program  

Xukang Shen, Registration Award for Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2018  

Lisa Walsh, ABC Humane Wildlife, Inc: Women in STEM Scholarship Finalist (top 1.5 percent); American Society of Mammalogists: Grant-in-Aid of Research and Student Travel Award; Southwestern Association of  Naturalists: McCarley Student Research Award

Awards previously announced in EEB graduate web news are not included in this list. If your competitive award is not included on this list and was not previously announced in EEB web news, please email Gail Kuhnlein to share your good news.

These iguanas are lining up to bring you this bounty of good news. Image: Kristel Sanchez, EEB graduate student, Galapagos, Ecuador.