Hats off to the many wonderful graduate students who volunteer with the Graduate Researchers in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (GREEBs) in order to make the department run more smoothly in myriad ways. GREEBs is the student organization in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology that supports students, communicates about issues, and organizes and plans activities.

“This year, we've been especially focused on community-building,” said Jillian Myers, GREEBs president. “We've been coming up with new initiatives and opportunities for graduate students to receive support, both from each other and the department more generally. We've worked hard to build the motivation required to make positive changes in the department and are determined to keep up the momentum. There are some great things coming!” 

Students say goodbye (for now) to the pumas of Ruthven, who will be relocated to the Biological Sciences Building next door. From left: Andrew Wood, Marian Schmidt, Jill Myers, Kristel Sanchez, Lisa Walsh, Michelle Fearon, Gordon Fitch. Image: Dale Austin.

The 2017 – 2018 committees are represented by the following students:

Admissions Committee: Andrew Wood and Michelle Fearon      

Diversity Committee: Teal Harrison, Tamara Milton and Stephanie Alcala

Executive Committee: Joanna Larson                    

Graduate Affairs Committee: Beatriz Otero                        

Retreat Committee: Wes Bickford and Haiqing Xu            

Seminar Committee: April Wei and Kevin Amses              

Social Committee: Mariah Kenney                          

Tuesday Lunch Seminar Committee: Kristel Sanchez and Drew Larson    

Undergrad Affairs Committee: Jacqueline Popma                            

President: Jillian Myers                

Peer mediators: Marian Schmidt and Gordon Fitch          

EEB & STEM social justice journalist: Zachary Hajian-Forooshani                          

Big sibs/little sibs: Peter Cerda                  

ECSS Planning Committee: Lisa Walsh    

“The GREEBS do a lot for the department.  It's gratifying to be a part of that, and it feels good to be in service to the department and to current and future graduate students,” Myers added.

Fittingly, this week (April 8 – 14) is Graduate Student Appreciation Week. We appreciate our graduate students this week and throughout the year!               

(Not pictured: Stephanie Alcala, Teal Harrison, Joanna Larson, Mariah Kenney, Beatriz Otero, Jacqueline Popma, April Wei.)