The How to Science podcast – new from the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts – lays bare the scientific method. It democratizes science for diverse listeners. Its overarching message is that science is beautiful, accessible, personal, and human. And any listener can science, too.

This podcast series offers the rare chance to hear a scientist – not a journalist – talk about research from the inside. LSA Professor and How to Science host Monica Dus might be a nerd, but at least she’s fun to talk to. After six weeks of casual conversations with real researchers, what have we learned from our peek under the lab coat at how scientists are made?

  • That these scientists definitely are people and not robots
  • That first-generation college grads can turn into scientist heroes
  • That every failure is a chance to learn how to do something new or better
  • . . . Listen to some episodes (link below) and hear for yourself!

Two of the episodes feature EEB researchers, Professors Meghan Duffy and Patricia Wittkopp.

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