Here’s the guarantee: viewers will learn something new – and laugh. Charlie Engelman (B.S. EEB/Museum Studies 2015) spent last summer traveling the United States from sea to shining sea and stopping in many exciting spots in-between. As you’ve likely heard from us by now, he was the winner of the $50,000 National Geographic Expedition Granted competition and the result is a new series filmed during his travels, “Nature Boom Time.”

Although it began airing on the NatGeo WILD subscription channel in March, the first season is now available to everyone online on the National Geographic Kids website and will gradually be released to their YouTube channel. There are 12 short episodes, including Kelp Forest, Sequoia National Park, Spanish Moss, Fire Towers and Petrified Forest National Park.

Engelman and his production crew are working on the next season, Scuba Dudes. “We’re going underwater and filming all of the insane marine life waiting for us down there!!” Engelman said. Be on the lookout for more in the fall of 2016.