Celebrating 125 years of publication of the Physical Review - the American Physical Society (APS) has put together a timeline of important events in the world of physics, and in the history of the Physical Review journal.  If you check out the year 2001 - you will find a familiar name.  None other than our own Professor Mark Newman, and his collaborators 'define' 2001 on the timeline for their seminal publication, "Random graphs with arbitrary degree distributions and their applications" - "Newman, Strogatz, and Watts implement random-graph model" states the timeline beside 2001.  The timeline highlights a work every few years from 1893 to 2018 - from Milliken's oil drop experiment of electric charge in 1913 to the discovery of gravitational waves in 2016 (which Einstein had posited only a few years after Milliken in 1918).  

It is a great illustrated timeline - which includes links to all the works, including that of Professor Newman.