Schedule of Faculty in Attendance at the Major Minor Expo:

11-11:30A   Charles Doering
11:30A-12P   Scott E. Page
12-12:30P   Mark Newman     Marisa Eisenberg
12:30-1P   Aaron King   Marisa Eisenberg
1-1:30P   Marisa Eisenberg
1:30-2P   Mitchell Newberry
2-2:30P   Luis Zaman   Lynette Shaw
2:30-3P   Luis Zaman  Lynette Shaw

This year's Major/Minor Expo will take place at the Michigan League (instead of the traditional location at the Michigan Union because - closed).  There will be tables in the Ballroom, Hussey, and Vandenberg.  COMPLEX SYSTEMS WILL BE IN HUSSEY so please come and visit us there.  

MARCH 19 - 11:00AM - 3:00 PM
Michigan League Hussey Room

We will have a line-up of Complex Systems Faculty and Fellows at our table to answer any questions you may have about Complex Systems, and staff advisors to provide details about the Complex Systems Minor requirements.