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Events - April 2016 & Older

2013 Events


Unifying Ecology and Evolution: Temporal Complexity in Biological Systems

The Origins of Division of Labor and Developmental Complexity: Using Digital Organisms to Understand Major Transitions in Evolution.

Whither goest thou, Gaia? Bioenergetic approaches to predicting the ecological impacts of environmental change



Conditional Choice and Voter Turnout

Group-Level Traits in Cultural Evolution: Globalization and the Evolution of Power



Fast Community Detection in Large Sparse Networks

Bio-Polymer Gels: Nonlinear Elasticity, and Cell Motility

Universality, Hardness, Engineering, and Messiness

Can Science Learn More When Scientists Learn Less?: Modeling Question Difficulty and Epistemic Success across Scientific Networks

Forensic Paleoclimatology



Spatial forcing in pattern forming thermal convection

Oscillatory double-diffusive convection

Non-diffusive spatial patterns in evolutionary games



Mathematical analysis of social phenomena: From examples to foundations

Talk: The Emergence of Organizations and Markets

The Emergence of Organizations and Markets

UM-ICAM: The Origin of Life Symposium

Single-Cell View of Bacterial Populations in Fluctuating Environments



Metabolic Network Fingerprinting Can Reveal Evolution of Species



Long-term relationships and routes of HIV transmission

UM-ICAM: Science of Sustainability



Fast migration and emergent population dynamics

The interplay between ecology and evolution in cancerous tumors and expanding populations