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PhD Alumni 2010 - 2014


2013 Linguistics PhD

Erica Beck

  • Dissertation: The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Discrimination by 5-7 Year Old Children
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Carmel O'Shannessy
  • Current Position/Title: Analyst, Leidos

David Medeiros

C.T. Tim Chou

Jon Yip

  • Dissertation: Phonetic effects on the timing of gestural coordination in Modern Greek consonant clusters
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor
  • Current Position/Title: Post-doctoral Fellow, School of Humanities (Linguistics) at the University of Hong Kong


2012 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Joseph Tyler

Terrence Szymanski

Xinting Zhang

  • Dissertation: A Comparison of Cue-Weighting in the Perception of Prosodic Phrase
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Andries W. Coetzee and San Duanmu


2011 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Kevin McGowan

Miyeon Ahn

  • Dissertation: Phonetics and Phonology Interplay in Loanword Adaptation: English Alveolar Fricative into Korean
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Andries W. Coetzee
  • Current Position/Title: Visiting Scholar at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Lauren Marie Squires

Susan Lin

Brook Hefright


2010 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Sai Samant

  • Dissertation: Arab American Youth and Sound Change in Southeastern Michigan
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Robin Queen

Anna M. Babel

Yu-Fen Hsieh

Konstantia (Dina) Kapetangianni

  • Dissertation: The Minimalist Syntax of Control in Greek
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Samuel D. Epstein and Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position/Title: Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas

Miki Obata

Christopher V. Odato

  • Dissertation: Children's Development of Knowledge and Beliefs about Englishlike(s)
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Deborah Keller-Cohen
  • Current Position/Title: Instructional Consultant, Keene State College

Damon A. Tutunjian

  • Dissertation: Re-Examining Facilitation from Coordinated Verb Phrases
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Julie Boland
  • Current Position/Title: Researcher at Lund University