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Student Life

The Department of History is committed to supporting a learning environment that values balance in our academic and personal lives. Sometimes the two come together: for example, the student-run Graduate Organization for the Study of History (GOSH) meets regularly throughout the year for workshops on professional development and career opportunities, peer mentoring, and simply unwinding with friends. With its own budget and elected officers, GOSH responds to the needs and interests of grad student participants in unique ways each year.

Our students are also active members of the community beyond campus. Whether visiting cultural institutions and events in the Detroit area, participating in a staggering array of individual and/or team sports, or simply taking a break from it all by camping on one of Lake Michigan’s pristine sandy beaches, our students take full advantage of the rich natural and cultural resources in and around Ann Arbor.

A pick-up game on Argo Pond
Pleine air classroom