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Talk titles

Ben Baiser "The Macroecology and Biogeography of Ecological Networks"

Allison Barner "Why multilayer networks?"

Paul CaraDonna "Interaction rewiring & network flexibility"

David Hembry "How do networks evolve across space and time?"

Mark Novak "Removing Species Interactions from Ecological Networks to Understand Community Dynamics"

Lauren Ponisio "How does network position relate to species' fitness?"

Philip Staniczenko "What is a reckless idea?"

Fernanda Valdovinos "Addressing environmental problems with Ecological Networks"

Luis Zaman "A Dynamics First Approach to the Evolution of Ecological Networks"

The "Reckless Ideas" Symposium and the
Santa Fe Institute working group

This symposium is part of the early career scientists working group developed by Dr.'s Valdovinos and Staniczenko at the Santa Fe Institute called 'Early Career Scientists working in Ecological Networks’.   The working group has three planned meetings.   The first meeting, which took place at SFI in November of 2018 resulted in the decision to publish a book entitled "Reckless Ideas in Ecological Networks" which will be published under the SFI Press.  (after which this symposium is eponymously named).

This symposium is part of the second meeting. The group will also be convening a working group the day after the conference to further their collaborations.  CLICK HERE to read more about Fernanda Valdovinos and the establishment of the SFI working group. 

This symposium will take place on the 10th floor of Weiser Hall, offering spectacular views of the City of Ann Arbor.

Lunch will be included in registration and registration is required if you plan to have lunch.  Otherwise, all sessions are available for anyone to attend.  

The Symposium is free and open to the public.