Natalie is a first-year Comparative Literature PhD student from Stanford, California, recently returned from the UK, where she read an MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literatures at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford. While Classics was her first love from age thirteen on, Natalie found her way to Comparative Literature through Stanford’s Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program and double majored in Classics and English. Despite being a Stanford faculty kid, Natalie is according to family lore the 67th person on her mom’s side to attend U-M (the last person was her great-grandfather Randolph Monroe, a 1930s Law student who almost qualified for the Olympics for steeplechase). When not reading or attempting to write her Oxford novel, Natalie enjoys running; managing her booksta @hermeticdefinitions; exploring Ann Arbor; and meeting cute cats and dogs (she misses her 5-yr old Golden Retriever Goldie). Talk to Natalie about all things critical classical reception (Sappho, Queer Italia, intellectual history of classics, campus novels, translation, etc.). 


Srimati is interested in researching Afro-Asian Literature in the 20th century and how Soviet internationalism facilitated it. She has mostly been a literature and culture studies student, researching on a wide array of subjects- films, caricatures etc. She was trained in Presidency University, Kolkata and then at the University of Cambridge. She's an amateur equestrian, and she really misses her horses at the Calcutta Turf Club- especially Veera! She's also interested in writing and will be working at the Statement in the Michigan Daily this fall.