Classical Studies Presents the 2013 Thomas Spencer Jerome Lecture Series

Speaker - David Mattingly, University of Leicester
Series Title - Africa Under Rome: Relationships, Identities and Cultural Trajectories

Contemporary field archaeology extends our knowledge of the ancient world, once confined to cities and the books written in them, deep into the countryside.  David Mattingly's lectures show us how to read the record of material culture so that we can understand the complex and dynamic relationship between the people of the North African Countryside and their Roman overlords.

Lecture 1
April 8, 4PM, Palmer Commons Forum Hall
Cultural Encounters in 1st Millennium BC Africa: Romans, Libyphoenicians and Libyans

Lecture 2
April 10, 4PM, Palmer Commons Great Lakes South                                                                     Pacifying, Protecting, Policing, Posturing? The Military Community in Roman Africa

Lecture 3
April 15, 4PM, Palmer Commons Forum Hall
A World of Difference: Rural Communities in Africa under Rome

Lecture 4
April 17, 4PM, Palmer Commons Great Lakes South
Africa in the Roman Empire: Urban Identities and Urban Trajectories

Graduate Student Seminar
April 13, 10AM, Classical Studies Library
Romanisation and Discrepant Identity: A Theoretical Discussion
*interested non-graduate students should contact