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Waitlist Policy

  • All American Culture (AMCULT) courses will have unlimited electronic waitlists on Wolverine Access. Students interested in enrolling in an AMCULT course that has filled should add their name to the appropriate waitlist online.
  • From the first day of registration until the last business day before the first day of classes, the undergraduate program coordinator will monitor enrollments and note any waitlisted courses that have spaces available.
  • Priority Consideration: When available, a member of the American Culture administrative staff will issue an "override" for each open space in a waitlisted course. Students who are formally declared American Culture majors or American Culture ethnic studies minors will be given priority for these overrides, with exceptions noted in the next bulleted point. All other waitlist overrides will be issued according to waitlist order.
  • Priority Exception: For the below-listed fall semester courses, priority for overrides will be given to first-years and sophomores, regardless of major or minor declared. 

                AMCULT 204, 205, 213, 214, 215, 217 and 222

  • The overrides issued will have an expiration date of 48 hours (including weekends). If the student does not accept the override and enroll within that time frame, the override will expire. This will allow available space to be offered to the next eligible student on the waitlist, who will then have 48 hours to enroll. Please note: when classes are not in session, the expiration date will be one week (including weekends).
  • If all students on a course waitlist have been given an opportunity to enroll, but fail to do so, the undergraduate program coordinator will ask the Registrar’s Office to drop them from said waitlist. This will allow the class to reopen for registration.
  • Once classes begin, no overrides will be issued without the consent of the instructor for the course. The instructor has final authority on whether or not to issue overrides. Students must contact the instructor directly for consent.

Students should also be advised of the following:

  • Adding your name to an electronic waitlist for an AMCULT course does not guarantee that: a) the student will be given an override to enroll in the class, or b) the student whose name is first on the waitlist will be the first person offered an override.
  • Students can only waitlist for one section of a particular class. In other words, if there are multiple discussion sections for a lecture/discussion course, the student must waitlist for the section s/he wants the most.
  • Prior to the start of classes, special consideration for overrides will not be given based on seniority, as upperclassmen already have priority to enroll or join waitlists because their registration appointments are early in the add/drop period.